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International Tax Planning

An effective, well thought-out international tax planning strategy can legally minimise international tax liabilities. International tax planning is a complex field, especially when multiple jurisdictions are involved, and there are many fundamental issues to consider before establishing the optimum corporate structure. Without relevant professional advice unanticipated legal and tax problems will arise and unexpected tax liabilities may crystallise.

With our tax consultants, international tax planning is made easier thanks to our practical, logical and simple approach and our unique network of international tax planning experts. In providing cutting-edge international tax planning and consulting services, we aim to deliver creative, cost-effective solutions which further our clients' global business ambitions by minimising corporate and personal income tax liability.

Our tax lawyers are foremost specialists in their field. Tax planning is our main focus, particularly with the use of Dutch companies and, where applicable, Trusts to legally minimise taxation of business operations. We can combine new components with existing international tax plans as well as work out independent tailored personal and business tax solutions for companies seeking to compete in the international arena.

We understand the importance of ensuring our clients' unlimited access to and free use of the proceeds of their labour and we keep our structures as simple and easy to use as possible. However, we do not underestimate the importance of long-term planning and the implications of a constantly changing regulatory environment and remain continuously abreast with the daily changes in national and international tax laws.

Double Taxation Treaties

Clients seeking to take advantage of double tax treaty relief need to establish a company situated in a treaty jurisdiction. This is essential for the minimisation of withholding taxes on the payment of dividends and royalties. Treaty jurisdictions also portray a non-offshore image and thus provide cosmetic appeal.

It is therefore important to assess the taxation implications of the business that is to be conducted, and decide whether or not a treaty jurisdiction is required. Under normal circumstances, a treaty jurisdiction would not be required for the international movement of goods and most services.

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